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Fine Acts
Annual Report 2020

Fine Acts key visual with main screens from the sections.


Web Design
Plamen Silyanov
Dimitar Protogerov
Stefan Ananiev

Fine Acts is a global nonprofit creative studio for social impact. They trusted Oblik with the creation of a unique digital experience that presents all the campaigns they did during 2020. As a part of the team, I was responsible for the design of the website. I had to match it with the style of the annual report book and enhance it with a varying responsive layout and interactions. The biggest challenge was the amount of the content and how to organize it as a one-pager that is at the same time engaging, playful, and easy to code. I’ve designed a system of blocks with a different look and similar properties. The idea was to easily combine and organize them in an exploded grid layout. I’ve also recreated their behavior with interactive prototypes.

Project typography and color styles.
Beefeater key visual thumbnail